Shame: World Health Organization

Shame: World Health Organization

Here’s the study and facts that WHO and many other organisations used to demonise smoking and nicotine users. It is based on 5 smokers out of 78 patients. They should be ashamed of themselves. How can you trust these so called experts?

At the moment smokers are 4x to 5x less likely to even get the illness. It is unsure if nicotine is that magic bullet yet. TBH if it is then nicotine patches would be the greater, more effective and safest vaccine.

Here’s the study, Liu et al: It had data on 78 covid-patients, 73 never-smokers and 5 former smokers. 8 never-smokers and 3 former smokers had disease progression. That is the sole basis for the 14x more likely to develop severe symptoms.

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